06 July, 2013

(4-1 victory)Gambo scores in Ahmadu Bello Stadium Kaduna for 2014 Chan qualifier Nigeria vs Cote d'ivoire

The 2014 Chan qualifier of Nigeria vs Cote d'iovoire ended 4-1 as Nigeria was on top of the game.
Gambo Muhammed and Sunday Uba scored the first two goals in the first half.
The Ivorian number 7 commited a foul in the penalty area which earned him a red card and earned Nigeria a penalty which Sunday Uba played and scored his second goal making the match 3-1. Few minutes after the penalty Ivorian's number six also earned himself a red card,I guess they like red alot.
Ifeanyi Ede scored a superb goal in the penalty area,that goal is sure to earn him alot of respect.
The match ended 4-1 which I was not happy with,Naija should have atleast made it seven goals because they were 11 players playing 9 Ivorians (what a shame).
Now we wait in anticipation of what will happen in the second leg that will be played in Abidjan.

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