03 July, 2014

Samsung Is Saying Goodbye To Its Last Paid Content Portal

Samsung revealed that it was shuttering its book and music stores not long ago, and today Samsung is saying goodbye to its last paid content portal, the Video and Media Hub.
The tech firm has announced that it's closing the shop on August 1st to "focus on exciting new video products" -- and, no doubt, to stay on Google's good side.
Samsung has struck a deal with M-Go to let you transfer any purchases to M-Go for no extra charge; make the move and you'll get both $5 in credit as well as 50 percent discounts on up to two movie rentals.

As M-Go chief John Batter explains to Recode, this all too rare handover wasn't an altruistic gesture; the studios were aware of the backlash they'd face if legions of viewers lost their video collections. Shifting ownership, on the other hand, might just foster some goodwill. Whether or not there's any sincere kindness involved, the offer is helpful if you're a frequent shopper at Samsung's store. In some ways, you won't miss a beat.

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