24 November, 2014

Nigerian Soldiers Beat Up Maiduguri Residents

Some residents of Maiduguri, have accused Nigerian soldiers of assaulting them during an English Premiership football match yesterday.according to Sahara reporters the soldiers stormed a compound near the Cinema House in the Wulari Jerusalem area of Maiduguri where football fans gathered to watch a match “The soldiers just started beating people.
They went into rooms to drag out some fans who ran for dear lives and beat them without mercy,” said one source who claimed to have witnessed the attack. He added that many victims suffered serious injuries. Another source added that some uniformed men went away with a decoder and generator set. Muhammed Aheme said they gathered inside a compound to watch the match because of their fear of the ruthless soldiers, and wondered why the soldiers would come into the compound to beat innocent people. “It is not fair at all,” he said. Mr. Aheme added, “Some of my friends were seriously injured and received the beating of their lives. They [soldiers] should stop this kind of attitude that will cause people to start disliking them more. It is not constitutional to enter someone’s private rooms. Their commanders should call
them to order.”
Mr. Osikoya who resides in the area, added that, even before the formation of a civilian vigilante
group in the city, the residents of the area had always cooperated with the military. “I don’t see any reason why they would do what they did,”
he said.

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