09 December, 2014

Blackphone Confirms Privacy For Incoming Focused App Store And Device Sandboxes

Blackphone has confirmed it will be adding an app store to its PrivatOS in an update early next year.

The major update will also roll out another new feature called ‘Spaces’. This will enable users to segment activity on their device by creating multiple secure spaces for particular apps, accounts or data. The feature will be powered by Canadian company Graphite Software‘s OS-level virtualization software.

it will expand the utility of the device while apparently maintaining high standards of user privacy.

However it’s also a trade-off, given that running third party software introduces more security risks. That’s presumably why Blackphone is combining the launch of an app store with the addition of virtualized secure Spaces — to offer another sandboxed layer to help safeguard data on the device.

Blackphone said today that its app store will arrive in January and will feature a selection of apps that it has chosen as “the most secure privacy-optimized apps on the market”.

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