11 July, 2015

Five Smartwatches We You Can Think Of In 2015

Have you been intrigued by the potentional of owning a smartwatch but been overwhelmed by the choices and the high price tags? I have to admit when I first heard about smartwatches I imagined a dorky oversized watch that did annoying things like beep at you in the middle of a meeting.

 Luckily, people much smarter than me have envisioned something pretty amazing for the smartwatch space. These are a few of the watches that are really standing out this year.

LG Watch Urbane LTE
This smartwatch is seriously cool to look at but it also has some pretty amazing capabilities like its own 4G LTE connection. Even though this watch can essentially serve as a cell phone, it manages to accomplish its many features while still appearing classy and sleek. Comparable style options include the Moto 360, which doesn’t quite compare in capability; and the LG R Watch, which came before the Urbane and doesn’t include a standalone LTE connection but does have the intuitive Android Wear that they decided to forgo in the Urbane LTE.
Apple Watch
If you are an Apple user, I suggest that you just stop reading this article and go buy the Apple watch. The amount of time you will save learning to use a new mobile device and the intuitive nature of having built-in apps from Apple can’t really be surpassed for Apple users. Some of the features owners of this watch appreciate are the ability to track fitness data, read messages, listen to music, and get calendar alerts. The Apple Watch works best when synced with your iPhone, but it can be used for more than 24 hours without needing  a charge. You can accept calls with the Apple watch which pretty much leaves you feeling like Inspector Gadget. Enough said.
Pebble Steel
The Pebble Steel’s most unique feature is that it doesn’t buy in to the idea that a smartwatch needs a touchscreen to be smart. Instead, it is operated by four physical buttons. The result of this is a much longer battery life–in fact, it claims to last five to seven days. If you don’t need a fancy touch screen with a bunch of apps, the Pebble Steel is a more simply designed look that will appeal to old school watch wearers.
Samsung Gear Live
The Samsung Gear Live can pair with any Android phone unlike previous Gear models that only paired with specific Samsung phone models opening up this smartwatch to a much larger audience of diehard Android users. The Gear Live integrates Google Now, a service that allows you to give voice commands to an “intelligent personal assistant.” It will also ping you with notifications depending on the settings you include which makes it a great daily use watch for those that want to stay in the know.
Tag Heuer smartwatch
Tag Heuer just announced a partnership with Intel and Google to produce “the world’s first luxury Android Wear smartwatch”. If you’ve been interested in taking advantage of the smartwatch revolution but have been hesitant to look like you’re wearing a mini computer on your wrist, Tag Heuer is going to solve your problem. The Tag smartwatch which will be on sale in October or November 2015 for $1,400 is expected to be in line with the brand’s traditional watch offerings and will be a very smart (pun intended) look for anyone concerned about style as much as functionality.

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