27 July, 2015

GudaMarket Launches It Beta Version for digital products

As GudaMarket launches its beta version, early-bird users (first time users to register), have the privilege of putting this ‘baby’ (GudaMarket Application) to work, by reporting technical issues, ideas, and opinions based on individual differences
Officially, GudaMarket Beta is ready and open for registration, product management (create and edit), and product sale (via web payment solution(s)).

Register now and get your product sell early and fast, be clean and straightforward in your product description, and have a good price tag for your product that will make customers rush to make a payment for it, always include a readme.txt file that will guide a user who buys your product, on how to install or use the product.

Just visit www.gudaapp.com and happy buying and selling.

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