18 July, 2015

Bing Makes It Easier To Locate Neigbourhoods

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are constantly working to make the best possible search engine, and that's great news for you. The more they challenge each other with new features, the better your experience on the web will be. 

Today is Bing's turn to make an announcement, revealing a set of features that will be helpful for people who are moving to a new place. So not only can you search for a house or an apartment, but also learn about their neighborhood and the services located around them -- such as schools and hospitals.
Once you find an area you're interested in, Bing will show you ratings, rankings and other detailed information regarding each place; the company says this is pulled from a variety of trusted sources, like Zillow.com and GeatSchools.org. Right now, it's is limited to users in the US, but chances are it'll be expanding to more countries later on.

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