01 December, 2013

FutClick Jokes

A man entered a mosque carrying a
brand new smooth machette and
asked “Who is a muslim here?”
The whole mosque went as silent as a
grave yard. The man asked again,
“How can a full mosque have no
muslim?”. No one replied.
The man then grabs the nearby young
man and goes out with him and tells
him, “son come help me slaughter my
goat for I don’t know how to do it”.
After the young man had slaughtered
the goat, he tells the man that he
doesn’t know how to skin it and that
the man would have to go back to the
mosque and get someone else to help
him on that.The man returns to the
mosque with a machete dripping with
When the Imam saw this, he
immediately shouts “Praise the
Looooooooord! The whole mosque

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