14 December, 2013

Wale Threaten's Complex Magazine After Being Excluded From The 50 Best Albums Of The Year

Wale angrily called a staff of the magazine to complain. During the 3-minutes phone which took place on Wednesday Dec 11, which Complex magazine has since posted online, Wale said Complex had a personal bias against him, then started shouting and making threats.

“Do you think y’all being a responsible publication by continuously to f@#&%n’ like…do all that petty shit? At this point, you know it’s got to be personal. You telling me it’s not personal. It’s like a bold face lie. To be omitted from every type of list that y’all do or be at the bottom of it or every type of way that y’all can omit me, ya will. You mean to tell me Juicy J album better than mine?. Is that what you trying to tell me?”

“I swear to God I’ll come to that office and start knocking ni&$#s the f@$k out,” he screamed. “Alright, I’ll see y’all tomorrow. How about that? Get the security ready.”

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