29 June, 2014

Eminem Vs Busta Rhymes In a Rap Battle (Epic)

Eminem isn’t just an accomplished hitmaker, but the 8 Mile-bred rhyme animal is a heavily tested battle veteran as well. Though Slim has been mild-mannered lately, it seems that he is ready to step back into rap’s arena and do battle with Busta Rhymes on the Dungeon Dragon’s new single “Calm Down.”
Last night, members of Busta’s team posted a photo with him and Em on the Internet and on Friday (June 27), MTV got our hands on the single’s artwork. The song is scheduled to be released on July 1, but Bus has been teasing the track since last September.

“I’ve got a six-minute record with Eminem that sounds like we are respectfully trying to battle each other in a way that you probably never heard us battle in our entire careers on a record,” he told XXLMag.com.
Scoop DeVille, the song’s producer, spoke to MTV News about the track last year when he walked the red carpet for the 2013 American Music Awards.
“[I'm] working with Busta Rhymes, I have a single coming out with him called ‘Calm Down’ with Eminem and that’s a six-minute record where they’re battling each other for like 30 to 50 bars apiece. It’s pretty crazy,” he said.
July 1 can’t get here fast enough.

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