11 June, 2014

Keshi tells nigeria that No Shaking

 Super Eagles head coach Stephem Keshi remains confident in the face of fading optimism among Nigerians over the his team’s chances to pull off good results in Brazil 2014 World Cup.
The doubt in Nigerians trails a string of unimpressive results the Super Eagles produced in the   friendly matches played in London against Scotland and in the US against Greece and USA respectively. Most Nigerians wrote off the team, particularly after their last match against the US which the Eagles lost 1-2.

Worrisome was the unco-ordinated midfield, a somewhat confusing defence formation and a lack of rhythm in the Eagles attack. The team was in shambles, as the US players ran rings around them and Altidore, the two-goal hero on the night mesmerized. Nigerians watched helplessly.
Sports Vanguard sought the views of the head coach on the state of the team which takes on Iran on Monday.
Keshi was economical in his expression as he simply said, “no shaking,” meaning there is no cause for alarm. He insisted that the results from the friendly matches should not be used as yardsticks for measuring the level of preparedness of his team.
“We are in Brazil for serious business. Friendlies are meant to serve as rehearsals. They are different from competitive matches. This is not an excuse for our performance in the matches, but seriously speaking, the results do not mean anything to me, Evaluate us in the World Cup.”

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