11 June, 2014

Technology Behind New Top-Loading Washing Machine

Do you know that your clothes might look clean on the surface, but can still host an assortment of germs and other micro-organisms? So when LG Electronics announced the release of its latest big capacity top-loading washing machines, equipped with powerful heaters that enable warm washing for hygienic cleaning results, it was very well received by critics.

The technology and hygiene-enhancing capabilities of the new product are largely seen in the high performance heater. Equipped inside the full stainless steel tub, the heater increases the water temperature up to 60 degrees Celsius, creating a warm wash for more effective cleaning.

With the stain care course, the internal temperature of the washer is raised to 40 degrees Celsius for effective stain removal. Meanwhile, the allergy care course employs 60-degree heat to eliminate allergy-causing germs and bacteria from clothing.

“We designed these new top-loaders with the consumers’ needs in mind, making sure they provided greater hygiene and a bigger capacity,” said Mr. Hyunwoo Jung, General Manager, Home Appliance Division, LG Electronics West Africa Operations.

Also equipped is an innovative steam function, which rapidly increases and maintains the temperature of the internal tub.

LG said that the new product is also the only top-loading washing machine to use the heater to hygienically clean the washing tub. LG’s Tub Clean+ course makes it 99.99 percent effective at sterilizing the washer tub.

Yet, the full stainless steel tub results in up to 90 percent less bacteria growth than a conventional plastic washer tub. It has also been tested by Intertek for its ability to limit bacteria growth. Intertek is the leading provider of quality, safety, testing, inspection and certification.

LG’s Inverter Direct Drive motor uses a precise control system to enable its proprietary 6 Motion technology to work efficiently.

The machine also include the Jet Spray, which reduces water usage throughout the course of the rinse cycle. Unlike LG’s conventional rinsing where the entire tub is filled with water first, the product sprays clean water from a valve at the top of the machine while the tub spins, extracting the dirty water.


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