20 June, 2014

Twitter Announced It SnappyTv In A Move That Could Mean Even More Video Clips

 Earlier this morning the social gurus at Twitter announced that it snapped a San Francisco-based outfit called SnappyTV in a move that could mean even more video clips from live events finding their way into your tweet stream. Haven't heard of SnappyTV before? We can't really blame you: it's a tool for media producers and broadcasters to snip and edit short bits of video from a live feed so
they can be cast to the social winds. Doesn't sound like the most exciting mashup at first blush, but think about it -- the proliferation of short-form video like Vines and Instagram clips are signs that thrilling, visceral moments don't need ages of build-up and gobs of context to really hit home. That's been Snappy's M.O. too, except it's been used to clip and share moments straight from live basketball games to newsy interviews to absurd award show nonsense. Don't expect those sort of buzzy highlights to become a Twitter-only phenomenon though: the company doesn't plan on making it any harder for those clips to wind up on Facebook or Google+.

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