01 September, 2014

Insane Batman Roller Coaster Next Summer's Main Attraction

If anything makes me wish it was summer forever, it’s theme parks. And this looks like the rollercoaster to rule them all. A 4D Batman theme park ride that spins all of the ways while you’re doing all of the drops? This looks too scary to be real. It literally takes you 360 degrees.
This thing has got to be an April Fools’ joke come early. Like, there’s no way any living human with half a shred of sanity would get on this thing, right?
Six Flags San Antonio — the coaster’s home — is just kidding, certainly, yeah? The only time of year that anyone would ever carefree and YOLO enough try this is summer. Then again, it comes out in 2015 so we can’t be too nostalgic can we?

Seriously, this thing looks like a fight sequence that the Dark Knight himself might take pause to try it.
See for your self how it looks like:

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