29 October, 2014

Five Reasons To Buy the New iPhone From iStore

Sometimes you just can't wait to hold the latest, greatest, must-have gadget in your hand. You want it, and you want it now, and that's all that matters.  The new iPhones are amazing devices, and they have already been hailed by international reviewers as "simply the best smartphones ever".

But when it comes to the new iPhone from Apple, waiting just a little longer for the official release is by far the wiser move.
Did you know that until late April 2014 the iPhone was not officially available in Nigeria?  That’s why we all looked for options, like paying a friend or family member to get it abroad, or worse pay massively over the odds when they first come out.  What’s worse is that for all that money we did not get warranty.  Now that has all changed, Apple will be launching the new iPhone sooner than we all expect.  Of course, as soon as I hear something from industry sources I will let you know so hold on from rushing out – its worth the wait.

Here are five good reasons why you should wait for the official release:

1) Buying your new iPhone from iStore, Ikeja guarantees you the lowest launch price. You won't need to pay a premium for what is already a premium product.

2) You'll get the peace of mind of a full manufacturer's warranty – a full 1 year

3) Buying your iPhone from iStore, Ikeja entitles you to expert technical support and advice, along with free training workshops.

4) One of their most stunning features is FaceTime, which allows you to make video calls over wifi or cellular networks. Did you know that iPhones that come from Dubai don’t have FaceTime?

5) You'll have the confidence of knowing that your brand-new iPhone is the real, genuine deal, direct from Apple.

So go to www.myistore.com.ng/ to register for your new iPhone now. Because the real deal is the best deal you'll get!  

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