12 November, 2014

CNN Rejects Political Adverts From Nigerian Politicians!

It’s election season, and with that a ridiculous flurry of advertising on various platforms including but not limited to news networks. No news network is bigger than CNN globally and more specifically in Nigerian cable TV.
According to a report by The Cable, CNN recently turned down advertising bids from a Nigerian presidential aspirant for the upcoming elections in 2015. According to the report a consultant for an aspirant stated

That was approached CNN agents in Nigeria to place some adverts for our principal. We sent the creatives to them as requested and they returned them, saying they do not run commercials that are intended to campaign for votes. We could not believe it,” a consultant to a presidential aspirant told TheCable.
Another, who is working for a state governor seeking re-election, said he had a similar experience.
This is interesting as it have not been confirm exactly the details of what the ad would’ve said or if CNN just didn’t want to get involved with the politics of it all, especially now.

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  1. it's a good decision that CNN have taken because we don't know what they plan on doing.
    aleast they should think of how the problem in Nigeria should be resolved instead of going for political advertisement.