22 November, 2014

Ice Prince says he hates "to be boxed as a rapper"

Ice Prince has made some revelations in an online interview known as the truth, he said he doesn't like being boxed in as a rapper and he also spoke a little on his relationship. Below is the quote from the interview.

“I know how to rap and I know how to rap really well, but I am an all round musician. M.I taught me how to write songs, how to arrange vocals and how to structure music.
I am more about making music; I hate to be boxed as a rapper. I want to be seen as someone who creates music irrespective of the genre.” The Oleku crooner also gave a hint about his marital status and his relationship with his baby mama.
“I intend to raise a family, but I haven’t proposed to anybody. I am single. My baby mama doesn’t give me any drama, she tolerates me, God bless her” he quipped.

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