26 November, 2014

Jordin Sparks Disses Jason Derulo In New Song

After all this years of Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo breaking up with their relationship even though they say their relationship was an amicable split, it seems that Jordin is still bitter about it. She released a new song yesterday titled How Bout Now, where she kinda dissed Jason. In the track, she sings;
"Remember when you broke your neck and I had to wash your back for you?" (Jason broke his neck during dance practice in 2012)
"You thought you had it all figured out back then, boy how bout now? 'Cuz I'm up right now, and you suck right now"
"Always been mom's little angel / but once you blew up head got big and you started changing / Can't believe all the things you started saying / Like I'm with you for your fame and your name, what?"
Listen to the track below:

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