23 November, 2014

Know A Little Bit About The Apple Watch

Although you can’t yet buy an Apple Watch — it will launch in early 2015 — developers can start building software for the device. Apple released the iOS 8.2 WatchKit SDK this week in beta form.
Developers initially have three choices when coding for the Apple Watch. Glances are simple informational notifications while Actionable Notifications allow for some very limited user interaction. WatchKit apps are also supported by the beta SDK but they’re not standalone apps. Instead, these are extensions of apps built for the iPhone.
Next year, Apple says, the WatchKit SDK will support apps that natively run on the watch instead of mainly on a paired iPhone. The approach reminds me of how Apple handled software for the original iPhone in 2007. That device only ran web apps, not true iOS applications. A year later, Apple brought support for native iOS apps and the App Store.
One of remaining questions I have about the Apple Watch then is: Will it always have an iPhone requirement?
Upon launch that makes sense since it will get its data and apps from a Bluetooth-connected iPhone. With the addition of Wi-Fi support — it’s possible but unconfirmed that the device will have Wi-Fi at launch – and native iOS apps however, the watch could eventually be a standalone wearable instead of an iPhone accessory; something that could broaden the potential market for it.

Reference: gigaom.com

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