25 November, 2014

Nigerian Soldiers Open Fire On UNIJOS Protesting Students

Students of the University of Jos continued their protests today . ‎The protesting students set fire in front of the school gate this afternoon, insisting that school authority must reduce their fees.
The students say the fee was N27,800 but has now been increased to #60,000. They also say they were forced to pay for developmental levy which has never been used for any development within the university. They said the Vice Chancellor of the university Prof. Hayward Babale Mafuyai, refused to negotiate with the students.
Following his refusal to speak with students, they took to the streets to protest, blocking all roads leading to the university of Jos thereby bringing all activities to a standstill. All university activities was also boycotted including the exams.
Military men attached to the Special Task Force (STF) in Plateau state have reportedly opened fire on protesting students of the University of Jos.Some of the students were arrested and moved to the STF headquarters in Jos, according to eyewitness account.
The Student Union Government (SUG) Public Relations Officer Longwul Dakwom told reporters on phone that the shooting was carried out by military men who stormed the school premises and arrested some students.
Dakwom explained that “I narrowly escaped; the military came into our classes and shot some of us while some were arrested.”
Another student, Ibrahim Musa said two students were shot adding that “I saw one shot on the leg and another in the chest.”
The STF spokesman, Captain Ikedichi Iweha did not respond to his call

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