26 November, 2014

The Beats by Dre's #SoloSelfie Campaign

Have you heard of the Beats by Dre #SoloSelfie campaign?
It's kind of a campaign which includes 2chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj and some other known celebrities.
2chainz seems glad to be part of the "kampaign". Below is a caption of 2chainz' post on his facebook page
"Glad to be a part of this Kampaign. Chek us out @beatsbydre

Meanwhile the video on Beats by Dre's official youtube channel is captioned below
"The Selfie has been reinvented. Enter the #SoloSelfie—a new movement of self-expression. Share yours and tell the world your story.

The Beats Solo2 is the world’s best-selling headphone. They're a symbol of individuality as much as they represent a connection shared by millions of people across the globe. "

Watch the Beats by Dre's #SoloSelfie campaign video below...

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