04 November, 2014

Why Boko Haram Can't Be Defeated By Nigeria Soldiers

A Nigerian soldier currently fighting against the Boko Haram insurgency in the Northern part of the country has revealed why he thinks the sect would be difficult to defeat.
The soldier who did not want his identity known sent an anonymous message of despair to the Nation.
In the message, the soldier gave a revelation on why the Nigerian soldiers may not win the battle against the terrorists in North East, saying the corruption in the system was huge and that soldiers have more to self and less for National interest.

He questioned who is behind the boko haram insurgency, and how come helicopters will come to Nigeria airspace to supply the terrorists equipment and nobody is saying anything.
The soldier complained that people were dying every day, and that money that is supposed to be spent on development is being used for fighting war. He urged those who love the nation to pick up their pen, like the Journalists who fought for Nigeria’s independence in the 60s.
“My eyes have seen a lot. We still need to pray for Nigeria. All members of boko haram use anti-aircraft to fight. Let all who love Nigeria forget about religion and put National interest first. If you are in the field you will cry because the more you see the less you understand this battle,” he said.
The soldiers, however, expressed optimism that things will come to light if senior officers tell the truth, but stated that everybody is after money.
 “A day after sallah we took over Bazza, our own Airforce refuse to come for support and our commanding officer Lt Col Jones Emem called them but they did not come until this helicopters came to drop snappers and weapons for Boko haram. Who is behind them? Why the army still using unserviceable equipment is when we were told new equipment were bought to fight insurgent. When you come to the field you will see the soldiers doing their best, but no support weapons. How do expect somebody with A47 to face somebody with anti-aircraft,” he said.
He said some of the soldiers recently shot are receiving treatment in 44 military hospital Kaduna. He said some of them were shot in the legs and hands with snappers guns.
The soldier further revealed that the APCs the military authorities claimed to have purchased were old but painted in Jaji APC wing, and called on Journalists to investigate the war as well as the equipment the soldiers use.
Meanwhile, repeated attacks by the Boko Haram insurgents on Mubi, Adamawa State, have reportedly left over 3,000 people displaced with some residents running to the mountains to take refuge.
The Nigerian army in its determination to flush out the sect from the region has taken into custody five military commanders for allegedly abandoning Mubi town when the Boko Haram sect attacked earlier this week.

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