23 December, 2014

Army Commander And Family Threatened Over Letter to Jonathan

An army commander wrote a comprehensive letter to president Goodluck Jonathan stating the reason why Nigeria army have not been able to defeat members of the boko haram militants.

Lieutenant Colonel A. Wende of the 103 Battalion, who is currently serving in “Operation Zamani Lafiya” in Konduga, wrote the letter detailing the challenges confronting the army in trying to crush Boko Haram, including within the army leadership.

He is being threatened by the army authorities to denouce the letter openly, or he will be court-martialed. So far the officer has refused to renounce the letter.

In the letter, the army commander made several damning allegations against his superiors including pinpointing how the General Officer commanding the 7th Battalion in Maiduguri was diverting over 600 bags of rice meant for the troops.

Lt. Col. Wende went as far as revealing that Nigerian army generals, including the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Minimah, do not go anywhere near the battlefronts.

He further disclosed that over 70% of army commanders are facing court martial proceedings instituted by the Nigerian army leadership.

In view of these facts being indisputable, and unable to frighten Lt. Col Wende with threats of a court martial, General Minimah on Monday tried to dismiss the letter as fake and as having been written by people he claimed are affiliated with Boko Haram.

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