22 December, 2014

Billionaire Facebook CEO Secret Leak - Mark Zuckerberg

Not long ago a secret that sony was trying to hide leaked and now it is the billionaire Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who had some words against the Oscar winning movie documenting his life.

Zuckerberg tried to stop the social network from being made year ago because he found it hurtful and untrue.

"I think the reality is that writing code and then building a product and building a company is not a glamorous enough thing to make a movie about, so you can imagine that a lot of this stuff they had to embellish or make up... They went out of their way in the movie to try to get some interesting details correct like the design of the office, but on the overarching plot… they just kind of made up a bunch of stuff that I found kind of hurtful."

One of the few things the movie did get right, was his wardrobe. Zuckerberg is known for rocking a grey t-shirt every single day, and the very basic clothing in the film. 

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