20 December, 2014

Coach Samson Siasia Admit To Facing Challenges While Producing Another Team

Coach Samson Siasia has admitted that producing another Olympic team for Nigeria is not going to be easy and pleaded for time to make things

“It’s a big challenge and it’s always a challenge for us and hopefully we will surmount the challenge and build a good team,” Siasia said The 47-year-old has enjoyed the support of the Nigerian football fans since his appointment and
remains arguably the most loved football coach in the country.
He says he is aware of the support and adds that he hopes to build a very good team for the country.
“I know they support me and I appreciate them and hopefully we will build a very good team for the country,” said Siasia.
But despite the support he has enjoyed, Siasia admits that he will need some more time, and called for patience, adding that he hopes to make Nigeria proud in the end.
“Well I know they expect a lot from me, we’ve just started and gradually we’ll get there. They have to be very patient because we are working very hard to
produce a team that will make the country very proud,”
he added.
The team will have their last training sessions on Friday, and embark on a break before resuming after the Christmas celebrations.

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