01 December, 2014

Hurry! Motorola slashes £100 off the new Moto X for a limited time

Motorolla has just slashed a wholesome £100 off the new Moto X and it ks for a limited time. According to engadget
"you can pick up the 16GB model for £319.99 and the 32GB variant for £359.99, or throw in an extra £20 for one of its various leather or wood backs. To claim the discount, you'll need to fill out this registration form between 8am on December 1st and 12pm on December 2nd;
Motorola will then email you a promo code, which you'll need to submit online at the checkout for Moto Maker. Each discount code expires on December 16th at 5:59am, so if you claim now there's a still a couple of weeks for you to save up the cash or think about that pre-Christmas order."

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