10 December, 2014

Nokia's Google map arrives on Android

If you have been waiting for a big-name alternative to Google Maps on your Android phone, then your moment has come. 

Nokia has officially released their Maps on Google Play. The experience will be familiar if you sideloaded earlier versions. While it's not as multi-talented as Google Maps, its simple interface specializes in navigation and
offline mapping -- this may be ideal for trips abroad where cellular data isn't guaranteed. The biggest additions with the Google Play edition are support for 18 new countries and some bug fixes.

As for other platforms? Here's web version has a new design with a focused traffic view and updated ssearch. However, iOS users hoping for a revamped app won't be happy -- Here Maps now won't return to Apple's platform until sometime in early 2015. All the same, it's evident that Nokia is determined to become the go-to option when your device's stock navigation tools just don't cut it.

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