06 December, 2014

OBJ's Immediate Suspension "FAYOSE"

Gov. Fayose has called for immediate suspension of former president Olusengu Obasanjo due to his alleged anti-party activities.
His call for probe was as a result of the visit to obasanjo by five party governors. He said through his special assistant on public communications that the visit was unnecessary that no one in the party should be treated bigger than the party.

He said a panel should be set to probe him (obasanjo) for anti-party activities and castigating of Jonathan.
The governor said visiting the former president to plead with him to rescind his decision not to participate in the party’s activities was capable of encouraging other members of the party to openly disrespect the office of the President.
Fayose, who described Obasanjo as one of the major problems of Nigeria, added that his open castigation of Jonathan was unbecoming of someone who led the country for 11 years and “wasted billions of naira in his attempt to perpetuate himself in office beyond the constitutionally recognised two-term.
“Have you ever heard a former president of the United States of America openly abusing a sitting president of the country?
“Does it mean that former USA president, Bill Clinton agrees with all the policies of George W. Bush and the incumbent president, Barack Obama?
Fayose alleged that Obasanjo was already a member of the opposition All Progressives Congress and that he was pushing for one of his loyalists to be the party’s vice presidential candidat

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