29 March, 2015

Multi Functional LED Interactive White Board Enters Nigeria

Information and Communication Technologies, ICTs, is now moving beyond the once modern white boards to interactive boards that is not only aiding in teaching and learning, but can be used for presentations in the corporate world.

Newer innovations are even several steps away from the conventional ways of projecting texts and pictures on whiteboards to having a multi touch &multi-functionalities solution. One of such is the CNIT IT-Pad which has been newly introduced into the Nigerian market by YS technologies. Mr.Yomi Soyinka, the MD/CEO of YS Technologies, explained that the tool is a computer on its own, a writing board and yet a normal TV.

What he said: "What we have is a robust solution for e-learning and e-conferencing. A powerful tool for teaching,collaborating and presentation.  It is highly interactive which affords you the opportunity of engaging your listening audience or students and also improves communication, while saving you time and usual hassles associated with the projector.  Screen images can be enlarged or rotated and handwritten notations such as texts and drawings can be selected and moved around on the screen.
It’s an all in one system that can record and playback lectures or meetings anytime. Also, it makes conferencing very easy with a fitted camera. Users can upload or download via the cloud or Bluetooth.“ “So basically, it’s actually several steps ahead of the usual interactive whiteboards and projectors that we are used to in this part of the world.”
An interactive whiteboard is an instructional tool that allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a digital projector. The instructor can then manipulate the elements on the board by using his finger as a mouse directly on the screen to drag, click or copy items; he can also handwrite notes which can be transformed to text & saved.
Since YS is not a new entrant into the Nigerian IT and Electronics market and according to Soyinka, “the IT market in Nigeria is so robust and still very fertile and we haven’t even finished scratching the surface,” the company plans to propagate this product strategically with a five year projection plan of controlling between 18 &22 % share of the IWB market.
The IT Pad which was produced in Asia is the result of years of collaboration between CNIT as technical partners, based in Asia and YS Technologies Ltd. The two parties have ensured that every stage of the production line meets international best practices and standards.

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