11 July, 2015

Buhari Reject's New Benz For Aso Villa

President Muhammed Buhari refused the federal government's offer to make use of five new armored Benz("Mercedes-Benz")  for transportation which was originally planned to be purchased by Aso Villa.
The cars which is said to be N400 million was rejected by President Buhari not for his personal interest but for the purpose of Nigeria.

President Buhari found out about the Pending Acquisition of the Benz during when the permanent secretary briefed him about the executive mansion activities.
The President is said to have told Emodi that the purchase won't be necessary because of they were a waste of resources.
President Buhari said that he was content with the normal cars he inherited from former President Jonathan. The source reports that Buhari said, "I don't need any new cars. The ones I am using now are just fine."
President Buhari welcomed other ideas and initiatives put forward by the secretary that will work to reduce the total cost of operating Aso Villa as well as strengthening its financial condition.

He emphasized that efforts should be made to reduce the executive mansion’s expenses and keep spending within the approved national budget in order to avoid past administrations use of "Presidential intervention funds."

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