25 July, 2015

Buhari Vow To Investigate Oil Theft In Niger Delta

President Muhammadu Buhari is going to scrunitize the Joint Task force in Niger Delta as part of what he plan to find out why oil is missing and why it was scarce in Nigeria during the reign of former President Goodluck Jonathan.
Buhari accused Some officials of stealing millions of barrels of crude oil daily during his visit to an interactive Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC, the United States.

He said, “We have started getting documents where some of the senior people in government, former ministers, some of them operated as much as five accounts and were moving about one million barrels per day on their own. We have started getting those documents.
However! Mr. President made some assurance saying that: "whichever documents we are able to get and subsequently trace the sale of the crude or transfer of money from ministries, departments, Central Bank of Nigeria, we will ask for the cooperation of those countries to return those monies to the Federation Accounts.
“And we will use those documents to arrest those people and prosecute them. This, I promise Nigerians.”

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