06 July, 2015

Drake Hint Willow Smith Will Be On View From The 6

Drake hinting strongly that Willow Smith will appear on "Views From The 6."

Hype for Drake's forthcoming album Views From The 6 builds up a bit everyday, and today that hype came courtesy of a Drake post on Instagram that featured a picture of songtress Willow Smith accompanied with the cryptic and intriguing caption, "Young muse all on views." 

looks like young Willow is likely going to make an appearance on VFT6. Willow is a bit of wild card, having evolved much as an artist since her breakout hit "I Whip My Hair," so will be interesting to see what sort of direction they'd go in with this collab.

Both artists performed this weekend at the New Look Wireless Festival in the UK. Maybe they got the chance to link up in the studio while across the pond.
what are you thinking?

Already trying to know how it's going to be?

How do you feel about this prospective collaboration?

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