20 March, 2017

GTB Customers Dissatified Over Non Issuance Of Account Numbers, Transfer Failures

So sad too many complains from people about Gt-bank, and I am partnering with them.Looks like Gt-bank have to work on their banking system if not then I tell you there are going to loss a lot of customer.

See complains below:

Oderinde Oluwatosin Samuel

I opened a GTBank account on the 13th of February and have not being sent the account number till now.

GTBank response 

Hello Oderinde Oluwatosin Samuel , thank you for talking to us. To get your Account Number, please text ‘myaccount’ to 08076665555 from your registered mobile number or simply dial; *737*6*1# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.

Omowunmi Ifeoluwa Maria 

Please send me my account number. I have collected my Naira master card but my account number has not been sent to me.

GTBank response

To get your Account Number, please text ‘myaccount’ to 08076665555 from your registered mobile number. For NUBAN account number, kindly text NUBAN and your REGULAR ACCOUNT NUMBER e.g. NUBAN 000/12345/1/23/4 to 08076665555 or 08100550000.

Ossy Nice

My ATM card got expired on February and N1000 has been deducted from my account but till now I have not been given an ATM card

GTBank response

 Hello Ossy Nice. Thank you for contacting us. Please send us an inbox message so we can assist.

Blessing Oluebube

Please GTBank, we need branches. Purchase lands and open branches at Diobu in Port Harcourt. There is only one branch there and it is where I work.

 GTBank response

Hello Blessing Oluebube , thank you for talking to us. We remain committed to bringing excellent service delivery to all our esteemed customers. Please know that we have taken note of your suggestion.

Aretha Omofuma Samantha

You used to be my favourite bank but not anymore. You said mobile transfer is fast, but why would I transfer money and it takes a day for the receiver to be credited.

 GTBank response 

Hello Aretha Omofuma Samantha. Thank you for talking to us. We empathize with you on this experience. Please provide us with more details on your complaint. We are here to help.

Olamide Oladunjoye 

Please I transferred money from GTBank to UBA yesterday morning using the mobile transfer app   and the money has been deducted   from my account.   The receiver has not being credited yet.

GTBank response

Hello Olamide Oladunjoye . Thank you for chatting with us. May we   know the channel used and type of transfer(NIP or NEFT).

Chioma Ogwrumba 

GTBank, you guys have changed. I no longer like your system of banking. Imagine ordering for a new ATM card and I can’t use it. Activating the said ATM card has being a problem for months. Every day I am being told to go to the nearest branch. I will have to switch to another bank.

GTBank response

Hello Chioma Ogwrumba . Thank you for chatting with us. Please visit the branch you picked up your card from to activate your card and you will be assisted. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Zubby Adimorah

GTBANK, it is time you start attending to your customers via social networks. Other banks are doing it. Going to the bank for every transaction is time consuming. What if I am living in a rural area? This is very frustrating and annoying.

 GTBank response 

Hi, thank you for chatting with us. We empathize with you on this experience. How may we be of service. We are here to help.

Damilola Oluwagbohunmi

 I was debited for a cash transfer I performed today but the receiver has not been credited. Someone also transferred cash to my account through your ATM but I haven’t being alerted.

GTBank response 

Hello Damilola Oluwagbohunmi, thank you for talking to us. Please clarify the transfer type. We await your response.

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