15 March, 2017

N70m Needed By FUT Minna To Fix Damages

bosso clinic
A section of the University’s clinic at the Bosso campus, including the Ophthalmology, Dental clinic, laboratory units with equipment and the medical stored as well as the Nurses bay was completely burent down by the students.

The students who were protesting the death of their colleague also damaged cars, looted the University ventures and torched parts of the female hostel, postgraduate building among others during the crisis.

We later found out that the administrative committee set up by the management to assess the level of damage done during the riot recommended a total rebuilding of the Bosso campus clinic which served about eight thousand  members of staff and students as well as the replacement of equipments in the affected units.

The committees also discovered that 365 windows and 66 doors as well as nine vehicles were smashed, even as two ATM centres and machines were vandalized.

During an interview on wednesday the institution’s vice chancellor professor Musbau Akanji told said that the management had to take measures to forestall a recurrence of such incident by ensuring that students make commitment to the rebuilding process.

“About 16,000 students have paid the N4, 950.00 restitution 00.00 charges, those who refused to pay would be prevented from writing the exams,” he explained.

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