15 March, 2017

Story Behind FUTMINNA Riot

Few month back they was a riot in federal university of technology minna which led to a mid semester break.

The purpose of the break is to enable the school to put in place what was damaged by the student and carry out proper investigation regarding the riot.

Information gotten from a source says that this riot happened because the school medical center was not quick to respond to the patient that was rushed down for treatment which led to the lost of his life.

Following that up Students got angry and paranoid allegedly setting the School clinic on fire following the clinic staff’s refusal to treat the deceased student, Olamilekan Emmanuel

According to reports, the student was playing football in the hostel when he suddenly became sick. His friends rushed him to the clinic but the staff refused to treat until they they provide his student identity card..

However since the riot happened members of the school management have been trying to make sure the institution returns back to normalcy as soon as possible.

Here is the new Academic calender.

fut cal

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