Casio's sun powered controlled GPS watch is perfect for survivalists

On the off chance that you come up short on battery in a threat circumstance, you can utilize the implicit sun powered board to charge the GPS.

Casio's darling line of G-Shock timepieces is broadening to incorporate the new GPR B-1000, a GPS-prepared timepiece that could simply spare your life. The watch, which shapes some portion of the Rangeman line, is fit for independent GPS route for up to 33 hours on a solitary charge. However, more significantly, in case you're in the wild for longer than that, you can utilize the implicit sun powered board to keep the GPS running for more. Which should imply that there's no reason for Blair Witch-style folly insofar as you have one of these on your wrist.

The sunlight based board in the face keeps the dial running constantly, and is likewise utilized as a helper charger for the more astute watch capacities. Leave the watch in brilliant, coordinate daylight for four hours, and you'll get a hour or so of GPS route. In case you're at home, be that as it may, you can essentially dump the G-Shock on its remote charging plate and it'll have returned to full quality in only five hours. The remote charging is conceivable on the grounds that the back of the watch case has been made out of earthenware production — another first for the G-Shock line — estimating only 2mm thick.

In case you're a Bear Grylls-type and you're searching for a watch that'll withstand everything the components can toss at it, this might be the look for you. It's intended to work in temperatures as low as - 4 Fahrenheit and profundities as low as 200 meters, and is pressing a carbon fiber embed band and sapphire precious stone. With respect to valuing, the B-1000 will be accessible to purchase in April and will set you back $800 from the chose top of your preferred line watch boutique.

In the meantime, Casio has declared a restricted release of its Pro Trek Smart arrangement of watches in an uncommon shading plan. Only 1,5000 Pro Trek WSD-F20WEs will be delivered, every one clad in an eminent fluorite white body that, the organization guarantees, offers a profound multilayer complete with crystalline profundity. The watches will be accessible in Spring, yet the organization has stayed tight-lipped so far on the amount they'll cost you.