Facebook collaborates with 'True Blood' creators for new series

Facebook's Watch tab won't simply be stuffed with sports shows and gaming society. The social site has requested 10 scenes of Sacred Lies, an adjustment of the Stephanie Oakes novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly (which, thus, is an adjustment of the Grimm Brothers' The Handless Maiden). The show spins around a handless adolescent who escapes from a faction and is accepted to know who slaughtered the clique pioneer. It's an interesting (if not totally unique) introduce - and imperatively, there's a proper family.

The show will be official delivered by Raelle Tucker (appeared above) and Scott Winant, who separately created and coordinated True Blood. Winant will likewise coordinate the initial two scenes. While this is unquestionably not quite the same as True Blood, the gathering may look good for Sacred Lies. The two likewise have solid foundations somewhere else: Tucker official delivers Netflix's Jessica Jones and has taken a shot at Supernatural, while Winant has dealt with everything from Breaking Bad to Thirtysomething.

There's no say of when Sacred Lies will be prepared. When it is prepared, in any case, it could change up Facebook's Watch tab. While Facebook isn't entirely running toe-to-toe with any semblance of Amazon or Netflix, it's obviously wanting to in any event coordinate them in quality and the scope of shows on offer.