Regardless of how you're feeling heading into the end of the week — energized, sure, sulky, or the majority of the above — Camila Cabello has a melody for you.

The 20-year-old artist's presentation collection, Camila, arrived today (January 12), treating old and new fans alike to a dynamic mix of sounds and styles. Cabello had cautioned us that this collection would cover a considerable measure of passionate ground — she disclosed to Rolling Stone, "I feel that it has a decent adjust of the emotional and the glad" — and she wasn't joking. She covers every one of the highs and every one of the lows in stunningly relatable mold. Here's your convenient manual for which new tune you should tune in to, in light of how you're feeling at the present time.


Hear it out when you're feeling: head-over-heels in affection

Regardless of whether you've been infatuated with somebody or not, you can most likely identify with feeling such a great amount without a moment's delay that it harms. That is the thing that Cabello ponders here, as she hoarsely coos about losing her control.


Hear it out when you're feeling: nostalgic

Running into an ex can be the best or the most noticeably bad inclination on the planet, and for Cabello, it accompanies bothering inquiries regarding what could've been. It's entirely masochistic to uncover old injuries and subject yourself to this sort of throbbing misgiving, so continue with alert!


Hear it out when you're feeling: like a goddamn supervisor/maneater

Bossy and bold, this is Cabello parading her aggregate certainty and order. At the end of the day, this ought to completely turn into your go-to song of praise for when you should be reminded that, indeed, you're astounding, and no, you shouldn't hand over the rules to anybody.


Hear it out when you're feeling: like you need to dance

In spite of its universality, "Havana" presently can't seem to lose its radiance. As you tune in to Cabello ride a hot, swaggering section with Young Thug, surrender to the vibes and begin moving — you know you need to.


Hear it out when you're feeling: coy

It might be the dead of winter, yet in the event that you're feeling some warmth inside, at that point this affirmed bop is for you. It's windy, shy, tropical, and coy, and the way Cabello swerves amongst English and Spanish will address your internal shoreline bum.


Hear it out when you're feeling: like you require a decent cry session

Regardless of the unimaginably nitty gritty verses, this is a close widespread number that accounts the highs and lows of adoration. You'll require it for those evenings when you simply need to cry over a half quart of frozen yogurt.


Hear it out when you're feeling: tired of individuals' crap

Connections crash, consume, and fail out; it's a piece of life. In case you're feeling particularly disappointed with phony and flaky supposed companions, this folksy tune will enable you to proceed onward without a regressive look.


Hear it out when you're feeling: unpleasant and hurt/like a separation is noticeable all around

This candidly full anthem will give you the consolation you have to at long last sever a harmful relationship. Try not to take a gander at it as "surrendering" on something; think of it as a positive thing that you're improving the situation your own prosperity.


Hear it out when you're feeling: disappointed

"Who are you out of the loop?" Cabello solicits, longing for an alternate kind from closeness with somebody who presently can't seem to unmask their actual self. This tune will 100 percent address you when somebody near you isn't being forthright or veritable.


Hear it out when you're feeling: like you need your crush, and you need them now

This resembles the lustier, hornier cousin of "She Loves Control." Easily the most develop melody on the collection, this one discovers Cabello shamelessly recommending every one of the things she and her smash ought to do. Damn, young lady.